Carta poder limitada en ingles

Special proxy letter

I, Fionna Davis, residing at 113 Laurel St., Winnfield, Louisiana, hereby appoint Marilyn Taylor of 44 N Polk St. Johnsboro, Louisiana, as my Proxy (“Agent”).

My Agent shall have SPECIAL POWER and AUTHORITY TO ACT ON MY BEHALF. This power and authority shall my Agent to manage and conduct the affairs and to exercise all my legal rights and powers, listed below:

  1. Visit and evaluate the home ubicated in 99 Cedar St. Johnsboro, Louisiana
  2. If her evaluation is positive, then sign the bill of sale of that property.
  3. Deliver the equivalent to 25% of the amount listed in the web page respect that property, amount that ascends to $50,000.00

Once finished the listing of specific powers, my agent’s job finish and further negotiation may be intended directly with me.

My Agent shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for any services provided as my Agent.

This Power of Attorney shall become nulificate in case of my disability or lack of mental competence. This Power of Attorney may be revoked by me at any time by providing written notice to my Agent.

Dated in November 28, 2012, at Louisiana.

Full Name and signature.

1st. Witness full name and signature.     2nd Witness full name and signature.


Proxy agent full name and signature.

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